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Keep the rubber side down!

Tom: Didn’t think a “Bubba Style” tune would make me relearn to drive my ’68 Camaro SS/RS all over again. Picked the car up when you said it was done. Hit the throttle just like I normally did when I brought the car to Bubba and slipped the clutch…and then, all hell AND the rear tires let loose! Couldn’t believe it was the same 502 just tuned “Bubba Style”. Really, I couldn’t help but lay a patch down in 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd and yeah, 4th and still cruises easy in 5th. Had me smiling all the way home. The sound system Bubba installed is quite cool. Incredibly clean and innovative XM install and great sound.  Thanks for taking the car to another level. Tom, I also appreciate the way you do business. I was looking for more power and you could have just said yes to a lot of expensive options. Bubba pushed back and said let him tune it and tweak it first, believing it would satisfy my needs without doing more costly bolt ons or internal engine work. Did it ever. Please pass on my appreciation to Bubba and the entire crew. Keep the rubber side down, Barry

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